미국 Polywater사 한국 총판 계약
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(주) 밀로텍은  미국 Polywater사의 한국대리점으로
Polywater사에서 생산하는 케이블 포설용 윤활제와 세척제 및 태양광패널용 친환경 세척제를
판매, 시공하는 업체입니다.

 Millotek is very specialized company in the field of "Networking Solutions" and an exclusive distributor of American Polywater Corporation, U.S.A. 
Especially for Providing sales, professional application & care services of various cable lubricants with the user-safe and environmental Polywater SPW (Soler Panel Wash) products for effective cleaning,maintaining PV panels and maximize solar power generation for commercial and solar farm operations